| Patient's Rights



  • The right to equitable access to medical care and treatment regardless of economic resources, race, gender, age, language, legal status, religious beliefs, sexual orientation and culture.
  • The right to continuity of care through early referral to higher facility of patients choice.


  • The right to be treated with respect and dignity, including delivery of services without stigma, prejudice or discrimination by health providers and authorities.
  • The right to quality healthcare in a dignified environment with moral support from family, friends and community.


  • The right to information about what health care services are available and what responsibilities, engagements, and direct or indirect costs are involved.
  • The right to receive timely, concise, and clear description of the medical condition, with diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment proposed, with communication of common risks and appropriate alternatives.
  • The right to know the names and dosages of any medication or intervention to be prescribed, its normal actions and potential side-effects, and its possible impact on other conditions or treatments.
  • The right to access to medical information which relates to patient’s condition and treatment and to a copy of the medical record if requested by the patient or a person authorized by the patient.


  • The right to second medical opinion, with access to previous medical records.
  • The right to accept or refuse surgical interventions and to be informed of the likely medical consequences.
  • The right to choose whether or not to take part in research programs without compromising care


  • The right to have personal privacy, dignity, religious beliefs, and culture respected.
  • The right to have information relating to the medical condition kept confidential and released to other authorities contingent upon the patient’s consent.


  • The right to make complaints through channels provided for this purpose by hospital authority and to have complaints dealt with promptly and fairly.